my local pizza hut ripped me off and then when i called them on it they failed to make good and i emailed corporate a week ago from the date I write this and i have not heard back from them so i am not amused so i am making this web page to warn the world to be careful in your dealings with them especially when you use a credit or debit card.

here is what happened. On 7/14/2009 we ordered two pizzas from our local pizza hut 2560 S Alpine Road Rockford, IL 61108 for delivery the total came to $30.30 i charged it to my visa check card. now we live like a block and a half away from this place i walk to the shopping center were this pizza hut is located all the time well the delivery driver was late showing up and as soon as I opened the door he started complaining about having to walk so far from the front of my apartment complex. not a good way to invite a big tip. so i only wrote him a $1 tip on the credit receipt for a total of $31.30

a few weeks later when I got my bank statement for that month i was balancing my check book i noticed that pizza hut had charged $35.30 to my card instead of the $31.30 I had in my checkbook so I called my bank first they said I had to work it out with the restaurant I thought that kinda sucked but typical for a bank. so anyway I called that pizza hut and spoke to a manager explained my problem and he said he would give me a credit on my next purchase that it would automatically pop up on there computer linked to my phone number i know they use caller ID confirm addresses so i figured that was secure enough and I figured that was the best they were gonna do so i said that was fine.

well a couple months went by and with the economy and all we did not have the extra scratch for pizza but finally we had the disposable income and decided to order use our credit i called from the phone number in question and this time told them I wanted a carryout order figuring i would walk over there and get it myself and when the lady did not mention my credit i inquired about it and she told me that it had been used months ago and when i started to say I had not used that credit she got quite argumentative with me so I hung up and I emailed the corporate headquarters with my complaint and I checked the box requesting that they get back to me and they have not. I left them both an email address and a phone number.

I know it is only $4 but it is the entire point that someone stole from me that makes me mad. I wonder how many other people they have clipped a couple bucks from who did not bother to complain or just did not notice I personally plan to never do business with that particular restaurant again. and probably never any pizza hut ever again.

UPDATE: i called my bank again to try again to see if they would do anything and now they say that because 60 days have passed there is nothing they can do.

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